SmartMonkey believes that the company of the future is Data-Driven. A company that fuels its decisions with relevant data to optimize its operations.

Our technology is creating a new asset for your company.

Currently logistic companies must only rely on knowledge from every individual involved in the operations.

This knowledge about clients, locations, time windows is neither documented nor digitized. Therefore this knowledge cannot be shared easily and is lost by personnel changes. It is as well difficult to be measured and improved since it can not be analyzed.

Before and after SmartMonkey

The Problem: Having the right information in the right time about your customer

SmartMonkey digitizes your operations automatically

Using our AI algorithms we capture your operations knowledge up-to-date.

Your company is then a data-driven company. Last mile decisions are taken based on real data.


- Strategic planning based on analytics

- Route optimization based on data

Proven technology

- Our technology has demonstrated productivity improvements over 20% in big corporations.

Fuel your company with SmartMonkey