Highway allows you to create routes in seconds. Plan and share your routes. Without installations.

We've been busy these weeks improving Highway resp0nding to all the user feedback. We are very proud about the last release. Check out the new version of Highway at http://highway.smartmonkey.io. Register today and start using it for FREE the first month.

Highway: reorder your services after optimitzation

The new release includes following improvements:

  • Easy input of volumes and weights:  XLSX template has been improved to have a better overview of weight and volume of the services.
  • Balance your vehicles: Entering a maximum amount of services for the vehicles makes it really easy to balance of your routes.
  • Reorder services after optimization: Now you can change the order of the services at maximum speed with Drag& drop.
  • For new users there is a Feature Tour
  • Overview of total distance run by all vehicles
  • Dispatch routes to your drivers with one click
Highway: Easy dispatch of your routes