Where Santiago optimizes the routes to Santiago optimiza las rutas de troop supply

Santiago de Logisburgo
antiago de Logisburgo, our adventure hero, managed to become the Master of Food of the Court in the chapter 1 by winning the tournament organized by the King. In chapter 2 Santiago managed to deliver perishable products for the royal banquet on time.

A few weeks after the royal banquet an enemy raid sparked a new war with the Almohads.

The King and his troops moved forward. In times of war, the main task of the Court's Master of Foods was to supply the troops.

Santiago had no military experience. At one of the crisis meetings, he heard that 20% of the carriers were killed and their food was ransacked. Logistics was a key factor in winning the war.

Mission 3
Troop supply

The objective: avoid attacks during the supply.
    Points to consider:
  • the carriers were not experienced soldiers.
  • the routes passed through poorly documented roads on the maps of the kingdom.

Santiago spoke with a witness of the last ambush and realized that the driver had deviated from the route. He was simply lost.

It occurred to Santiago to ask the drivers about their best known areas. He also decided to hire a convert driver who knew perfectly the area closest to the enemy troops.

With these data he assigned the routes according to the level of experience of the drivers of the areas.

With these changes Santiago managed to optimize the delivery time using the route more optimal and thus avoided any drop in supply logistics.

Solution Mission 3
Planning with zone assignment to the driver
Assign distribution points to zones. The classic "divide and conquer" applied to logistics.
  • Assign distribution points to zones. The classic "divide and conquer" applied to logistics.
  • Determine which zones the drivers know best: Increase the effectiveness of the distribution with an allocation by zones.

In the camp of the troops a toast of honor was made to Master Santiago. Upon arriving at his shop after the celebration, Santiago found a thank you note from Princess Eleonora.

Example of routes assigned by districts.

Assigning the different points to districts or zones can be assigned to the most experienced drivers. Postal codes can also be used.

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Follow the adventures of Santiago. Stay tuned for the next chapter.